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bobblz are springing
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Shaking off the dust, they've been mysteriously summoned to the metaverse through the power of web3. Coming to life and ready to break free from their bases. Rekindling their former fame of yesteryears, this time amongst a new generation. Meet bobblz, the bobbleheads of the future.

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This is an example of a bobble NFT with randomized traits.
This is an example of a bobble NFT with randomized traits.
This is an example of a bobble NFT with randomized traits.
This is an example of a bobble NFT with randomized traits.
This is an example of a bobble NFT with randomized traits.
This is an example of a bobble NFT with randomized traits.
This is an example of a bobble NFT with randomized traits.
This is an example of a bobble NFT with randomized traits.
This is an example of a bobble NFT with randomized traits.
This is an example of a bobble NFT with randomized traits.

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The bobblz team

Sven Visit Sven's twitter.

Project Lead

With in-depth understanding of the NFT scene he's finely tuned in merging product innovation with customer experience - oh, and he's an accomplished award winning entrepreneur and business owner with over a decade of business and marketing experience.

Travis Visit Travis's twitter.


A seasoned front end developer with 10+ years of coding experience working in both agency and consultancy settings you'll find him in the front end straying away from the same old templates and bringing life to the web in style.

Damien Visit Damien's twitter.


His lengthy career of creative work as a multidisciplinary designer, illustrator and animator (paired with expensive experience in corporate, agency and startup environments) brings a funny, funky and quirky creative edge to Bobblz, making them uniquely interesting and one of a kind.


1st Quarter Supply Cycle 1/4

(Bobblz Secondary Market Closed)

Public Mint - June 23 - July 3, 2022
Marketplace Open - July 4, 2022

1st Quarter Supply Cycle 2/4

(Bobblz Secondary Market Closed)

Public Mint - July 25-31, 2022
Marketplace Open - August 1, 2022

1st Quarter Supply Cycle 3/4

(Bobblz Secondary Market Closed)

Public Mint - August 22-28, 2022
Marketplace Open - August 29, 2022

1st Quarter Supply Cycle 4/4

(Bobblz Secondary Market Closed)

Public Mint - September 19-25, 2022
Marketplace Open - September 26, 2022

October 7, 2022 Final Trophiez qualifying snapshot
October 10 - 14, 2022 Final airdrop and upgrade

Trophiez Snapshot and Airdrop

Trophiez Snapshot - September 26, 2022
Trophiez Airdrop - September 26-30, 2022

1st Quarter 1,750 released

2nd Quarter 1,750 released

3rd Quarter 1,750 released

4th Quarter 1,750 released

An image of bobblz trophiez sitting in a glass case.

Airdrop September 26-30, 2022, Upgrade TBD


What is the supply?

7,777 randomly generated, animated GIF Bobblz NFTs will be minted on the Flow blockchain.

What is the distribution?

  • 50% of all Bobblz will be allocated to our whitelist
  • 45% will be available through the public sale (date TBD)
  • 3% for strategic partnerships, giveaways and auctions for charity
  • 2% to be allocated amongst the team, family & friends

Where can I mint?

Minting will take place on our website using Dapper Wallet. Collections will be viewable both on our website and on the dapper wallet itself. Marketplace will be hosted directly on our website for both Bobblz and Trophiez collections.

How can I get presale / whitelist access before public mint?

We are still giving out OG access to our whitelist. We will be capping the list giving the ability for each OG to secure a total of 3 bobblz during the presale, leaving still 45% of the drop for the public sale. There are several benefits of getting OG access in addition to just being part of the presale access. These include first access to minting collections such as the 1st quarter, the only quarter of our entire collection to come with evolving gold trophiez that can upgrade to epic rarity and will hold the key to all of the upper echelon prizing tiers in the awards gala.

In addition, OG's will get a chance to be the first to secure a spot in upcoming quarterly presale rounds, as well as have access to a seat at the Bobblz founders board - a collective that all equally decide on how a portion of funds from secondary sales will go back to benefit holders through rewards and utility.

How much will it cost?

Price will be $199 USD using Dapper Wallet

What sort of utility will there be?

Our genesis collection of 7,777 will be separated into 4 even quarters in size, but also in rarity distribution and super rare quantities. The quarterly mint schedule is designed to create scarcity around each quarter and the limited mint release, but also show off the utility that is baked into the project right out the gate with our accompanying evolving airdrop collection - Trophiez.

Strategically done to add additional value, potential awards and prizing tiers (won at awards gala at end of quarters) - and of course utility for the upcoming Bobblz roadmap. Every Bobblz genesis mint holder within the snapshot period will receive a genesis Trophiez airdrop (starting as a small common). What will separate the players from the champions, will need to be earned, as Trophiez uprade in size and rarity (or don't) over each quarter across the genesis mint schedule. Each quarter that comes and goes will feature snapshot dates identifying Trophiez holders who also hold Bobblz, which will dictate how the supply and rarity levels amongst that supply vary when the dust settles.

Those not able to mint from each drop will be driven to the secondary Bobblz marketplace in order to join in evolving fun and competitiveness of Bobblz and Trophiez airdrops and upgrades. Sure to provide a unique and exclusive value in itself, designed to drive up each collectors investment. Made possible through our dapper wallet integrated Bobblz custom marketplace - expect collector score matrix and challenges to be released to keep things interesting.

How many can I mint?

As per distribution, there will be a cap of 3 per wallet using presale / whitelist access. During public sale, those that already purchased from presale can purchase another 7 with all wallets capped at 10 total.